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A total of 240 students from Primary to Pre-University level had participated in the Jawi Calligraphy Writing Competition held for 2 weeks from 24 April to 6 May 2013.

And Fakhrieatun Nazeeha Binti Redzuan of our school, had successfully won second place for the female category for primary level!

Our school principal presenting the trophy and certificate to Fakhrieatun Nazeeha.

Her work.

Her score and judge’s comment.

We are all very proud of you Nazeeha~ Smile

On last Saturday, our school’s Health, Safety and Cleanliness Department and also the Academic Department had held two different events which were the Teeth Brushing Campaign and also Record Signing.

After our usual Saturday’s aerobics session with Cikgu Rizal at 7.30am, we also had our monthly walkathon around the neighbourhood (less than 2km).

When all the students were well-rested and settled down, we then proceeded to our teeth brushing campaign.

Teacher Vicky showing her rack of toothbrushes and the bottle of toothpaste.


The purpose of campaign was to demonstrate to students the proper way of brushing teeth and also instill the good habit of keeping our teeth clean after meals. And after this campaign, our school also give an extra 10 minutes break after recess for students to brush their teeth in order to maintain the habit.

Year 3B showing their toothbrushes.

The toothpaste for the students


Girls from year 4 Champion ready to get their teeth sparkling white.

The school prefects demonstrating the correct teeth brushing technique


Teacher Bibi Rahimah checking on her class


Hello Azhwar~

Azhwar and his friends from year 1Champion brushing their teeth.




After the teeth brushing campaign, the students then had their break time while giving time to the class teachers to get ready for the record signing session with the parents.

Results being pasted for parents to view.


A big thanks to the male teachers who helped to arrange according to the floor plan prepared by the academic department.


Concerned parents with the class teachers.


The whole session finished at 12.30pm.

Hari Keluarga 2013

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Tarikh: 08 Rejab 1434 / 18hb Mei 2013

Hari: Sabtu

Aktiviti 1 – Zumba
Jam: 7.10 – 7.40 pagi

Aktiviti: Aktivitii Murid di dalam bilik darjah
Jam: 8.10 pagi – 10.10 pagi
Tempat: Bilik darjah masing-masing


Prasekolah – Family Tree


Tahun 1 – Kad Ucapan


Tahun 2 – Family Portrait


Tahun 3 – Bookmark

Tahun 4 – Mengarang Melalui Gambar


Tahun 5 – Family Photo


Tahun 6 – Family Tree – Writing

On 25th May 2013 (one week after the activities), our school had a prize-presentation for the winners.

1 Champion – 1st Place: Felisha Natasha Anak Martin

1 Champion – 2nd Place: Md Isaamudin bin Hj Zahari

1 Champion – 3rd Place: Nur Atiqah binti Zamrie

2 Active – 1st Place: Siti Nurfarzana Izzati Bte Abdullah Md Faisal Ikram

2 Active – 2nd Place: Nur’Adibah bte Fahrul Zulkarnaen and 3rd Place: Md Syakir Bin Maslani @ Hj Adanan

Not in picture - 2 Brilliant
1st Place – Abdul Hafidz Jabbar Bin Muhd Jamaluddin
3rd Place – Muhammad Shawn Wasif Bin Muhammad Yusdaiman


2 Brilliant – 2nd Place: Dk Nurul Aina Saqinah Bte Pg Hj Zainal

2 Champion: (Not in picture)
1st Place – Md Afif Jazimin Bin Jeffery
3rd Place – Md AKmal Raziq Bin Md Rajab

2 Champion – 2nd Place: Siti Khadijah Bte Hassan


3 Active – 1st Place: Vannessa Mas Anak Martin

3 Active – 2nd Place: Nurdiana binti Samedi

3 Active – 3rd Place: Hannah Iman As’syura binti Muhd Syafiq (Not in picture)


3 Brilliant – 1st Place – Rossieliane Ak Robby Sugara (Not in picture)

3 Brilliant – 2nd Place: Nur Hazimah Hazirah binti Nairul Anwar

3rd Place (Not in picture) – Nur Khairiyah binti Kamaluddin


3 Champion – 1st Place: Md Fadzillah bin Md Noramir

3 Champion – 2nd Place: Nurdiana Bte Masdi & 3rd Place: Mirza Batrisya bte Farizal


4 Active: 1st Place – Nurul Batrisya binti Noorzelan & 3rd Place- Nur Haziqah Razita binti Azimi
2nd Place – Rossieliana Anak Robby (Not in picture)


4 Brilliant: 1st Place – Dk Nurul Aina Syafiqah bte Pg Hj Zainal & 3rd Place – Nurul Shafiqah bte Abdullah
2nd Place – Md AMirul Hakim bin Amad Daud (Not in picture)

4 Champion - Not in picture

1st Place – Nur Hanaa Fauzana Bte Asmalee

2nd Place – Abd Fuad Hariz Bin Seruji

4 Champion – 3rd Place: Anneesa Wench Ak Martin

(Not in picture) 5 Active –

1st Place: Md Nasardillah bin Abdullah

3rd Place: Nurshafira binti Md Shahril

5 Active – 2nd Place: Md Faiz bin Arman

5 Brilliant – 1st Place: Nursarah Batrisya binti Abdullah

5 Brilliant – 2nd Place: Nurul Siti Natasha binti Zainal

5 Brilliant – 3rd Place: Muhd Darwishah binti Hj Denish

5 Champion- 1st Place: Fakhrieatun Nazeeha binti Redzuan

5 Champion 2nd Place: Nur Syahirah binti Md Noh & 3rd Place: Nur Aziemah binti Md Amin

6 Active: 1st Place – Hairul Izwan Bin Lehan

6 Active: 2nd Place – Md Nur Fiqriziqry Bin Abdullah & 3rd Place – Dk Siti Noor Atiqah Nabilah binti Pg Mahrup

6 Brilliant: 1st Place – Umi Rahmah Binti Rakhmad

6 Brilliant: 2nd Place – Nur Haziqah Amirah binti Japar & 3rd Place – Siti Nadiah Binti Abdul Rahim

6 Champion: 1st Place – Khairunniza binti Sunny

6 Champion: 2nd Place- Dk Thariyah ‘Aainaa Binti Pg Umar 3rd Place-Md Khilfi bin Abu Bakar

6 Dynamic: 1st Place- Abdul Raqib Bin Hj Jaafari & 3rd Place- Nur Shahaznani bte Md Saipul Rizal
2nd Place- Muhammad Faa’idth Bin Ambrin (Not in picture)

Group Photo


For more photos, visit https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=oa.160894027417550&type=1